SunFish to improve HR processes at Prama Sthala Ubud

Posted: September, 24 2016

September 2016, Jakarta. Prama Sthala Ubod hotel has chosen the SunFish 6 Professional HR version to underpin their operational HR workflows, and to simplify and streamline tasks for tracking attendance, processing payroll and tax payments, managing employee careers and organizational structures. ...More »

PT. Indomo Mulia strengthens management & control of HR processes with SunFish

Posted: September, 17 2016

September 2016, Jakarta. PT. Indomo Mulia has kicked off the implementation of the SunFish 6 Enterprise version in order to improve the organization and efficiency of its HR department. ...More »

Affinity Express Philippines to run HR Management on SunFish SaaS

Posted: September, 10 2016

September 2016, Jakarta. DataOn Partner HRMall in the Philippines signed up another company to underpin their HR structures with SunFish 6 SaaS. Affinity Express also started to implement SunFish HR SaaS in order to renew their HR management structure and extend it to include a fully integrated HRIS management solution. ...More »

Asticom Technology Inc. implements SunFish SaaS for its HR

Posted: September, 02 2016

September 2016, Jakarta. DataOn announces that Philippine-based Asticom Technology Inc. has decided to implement SunFish HR SaaS to address their HR automation requirements. The platform will cover administrative (employee and organizational structure management) and operational HR tasks (attendance tracking, payroll, tax processing) and workflows for the company‚Äôs 2000 employees. ...More »

Pratiwi Putri Sulung to innovate its HR structures with SunFish SaaS

Posted: August, 30 2016

August 2016, Jakarta. DataOn announces that PT. Pratiwi Putri Sulung is in the middle of implementing the SunFish SaaS Enterprise version. The company seeks a comprehensive platform to effectively manage its basic HR operations and administration, and includes modern and extensive analyzing tools to delve deep into HR related data for all business units to provide a new level of information quality. ...More »

Marriott Bangkok Queen's Park running HR with SunFish

Posted: August, 25 2016

August 2016, Jakarta. DataOn announces that Marriott Bangkok Queen's Park has completed implementation of its SunFish 6 platform to automate comprehensive flows and functions related to employee information management, attendance tracking, payroll and tax processing and training in a secure and easy-to-use environment. ...More »

Starwood's The Westin Ubud Resort & Spa goes ahead with SunFish 6 HR

Posted: August, 16 2016

August 2016, Jakarta. The Westin Ubud Resort Spa, Bali - Starwood's latest luxury resort in Indonesia and set to open on December 31, 2016 - has decided to rely on SunFish Software as a Service to automate their main HR business process. The implementation of SunFish HR functionality is ...More »

PT Bank Resona Perdania runs SF 6 for core HR processes

Posted: August, 04 2016

August 4, 2016 Jakarta. DataOn announces that PT. Bank Resona Perdania is in the process of implementing SunFish 6 HR as an on premise solution. The company seeks to increase the efficiency for administrative and operational workflows in the areas of attendance management, scheduling, payroll, and tax processing for its 340 employees. ...More »

NS Bluescope Indonesia opts for SunFish SaaS Enterprise to manage their HR functions and workflows

Posted: July, 28 2016

July 2016, Jakarta. NS Bluescope Indonesia has kicked off the implementation of SunFish 6 SaaS. The cloud based HR system will support the company in its goal to provide effective and efficient structures for the operational and strategic management of its workforce....More »

Busy month for DataOn partner PT. Infomedia Nusantara

Posted: July, 25 2016

July 2016. In other news, DataOn's partner Infomedia Nusantara also had a very busy months signing up new SunFish customers. Companies PT. Sigma Cipta Caraka (integrated End-to-End ICT Solutions Provider), PT. Signet Pratama (Network Security Service Provider), PT. Graha Telkom Sigma (Pioneer in data center managed services in Indonesia)....More »