SunFish to improve HR processes at Djabesmen

Posted: October, 13 2016

October 2016, Jakarta. Djabesmen has chosen the SunFish 6 Professional HR version to underpin their operational HR workflows, and to simplify and streamline tasks for tracking attendance, processing payroll and tax payments, managing employee careers and organizational structures. From the system, the company expects to automate tedious administrative processes and to -improve the speed and transparency with which they manage their employees. 

Since 1971 PT DJABESMEN has been producing various shapes and sizes of quality fiber-cement roofs in accordance with the SNI (Indonesian National Standard). The company has great experience as a manufacturer of building materials and an excellent reputation when it comes to quality, service, distribution and patterns of cooperation with distributors. Some of their widely used products for buildings are Djabes 6 Great Wave, Djabes 11 and 14 Small Waves, Djabes tiles, and Djabes Plat.