SunFish ERP, Solution for Today Complex Business Landscape

Posted: February, 18 2016 00:00:00

Supply or value chains, and resources no longer move one way, from raw materials to end customers, as Porter’s model has explained to us since the 1980’s. World economies today have become so much more complex – and this complexity is here to stay.

The simple chain evolved into a complex network, where a supplier is not merely a supplier but may become a customer, a strategic partner, or even a competitor. More complexity derives from companies using numerous contractors to build and deliver a product which makes them no longer the experts in every aspect of the chain. On top of that, markets and their conditions change so quickly that managers have dificulty producing a meaningful semi-annual or annual plan.

 In order to pursue new opportunities and grow, companies need a sophisticated, integrated IT solution that has the exibility and scalability to match this new business landscape.

This is where SunFish ERP comes in. It is a cutting-edge business management solution that maps and integrates your company’s key business processes and data across its various functional units.

SunFish ERP uses the power of the Internet to move goods, information, and money quickly and securely, ensuring the delivery of the right product, to the right location, at the right time, and at the right costs. It provides employees with instant and global access to the tools, communication, and data they need in order to interact with colleagues, partners and customers over distances.