Enterprise Resource Planning

Today, organization have to address many challenges: growing customer expectations; higher service levels; optimizing the use of corporate assets & resources;  faster product development and shortening product life cycles to demands for increased profitability while maintaining business agility without losing control, transparency, and profitability.

In the past different departments or business units of an organization including Accounting and Finance, Distribution, Production and Purchase operated mostly isolated from one another. Implementing an ERP System serves the purpose to combine all organizational parts on one platform and allow them to access one common information pool and through it, communicate with each other. As a kind of central nerve system for the company the ERP gathers data about the situation, conditions or activities in its different business units and transmits them to other places, which benefit there from.

With SunFish ERP, DataOn provides Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems that use the power of the Internet to move your organization's goods, information and money quickly and securely ensuring the delivery of the right products, to the right location, at the right time and in the most profitable manner possible. In addition to automating and streamlining core business processes, SunFish ERP connects companies with their customers, business partners and subsidiaries and therefore ultimately helps them to achieve and sustain profitable growth.

SunFish ERP supports every organizations move to an enterprise spanning Supply Chain Management model and determines the direction of that transition using rapidly deployable functions for all business areas to identify operational cost and inventory/asset reduction opportunities as well as service enhancements