Production Management

Improve Operational Visibility & Decision Making Precision
Integrating information from across different areas on one single software platform reduces the effort and time usually spent on collecting, correlating and interpreting required data, which gives production personnel a new visibility into their operation.

Downtime Cost Reduction
Another benefit of accessing timely information lies in the reduction of unnecessary costs incurred by unplanned machine downtime. SunFish ERP provides the tools to control production systems, equipment, and inventory empowering service personnel to anticipate machine maintenance needs and schedule according activities appropriately in order to minimize or even eliminate downtimes.   

Waste Reduction
Raw materials represent a significant cost of production. A variety of factors can cause waste to occur in production and users can handle raw materials efficiently and properly and as such eliminate a majority of waste.

Lower Levels of Inventory
SunFish ERP integrates the information exchange between sales, finance, and planning departments and as such synchronizes the production planning and execution with sales forecasts, customer needs, material input requirements, production scheduling, and item storage.

Better Responsiveness to Customer Needs
By fully integrating the production process with other relevant modules such as CRM, sales, finance and inventory SunFish ERP significantly improves not only the efficiency and effectiveness the production processes in a company itself but also its planning and execution.