Improved Sales Process & Increased Sales
By under planning the sales management process with software, related processes are automated, streamlined and intertwined with other business aspects. This allows fast reaction to customer requests with good quality and accurate proposals, quick negotiations of contracts, effective order processing and flexible handling of changes of customer pricing and shortened quotation-to-delivery cycles.

Better Customer Service & Satisfaction
SunFish ERP integrates sales with business processes such as production, expedition, accounts receivable, which allows the sales team to give customers accurate and reliable information about the manufacturing or delivery status of their goods as well as related financial aspects. Accurate information will drive better customer service and eventually customer satisfaction.

Faster Order Processing and Reduced Costs
We help Sales people because we providing online sales data and processes, the system reduces the time sales staff spends on the phone with customers, writing down their orders and filling out paperwork, thus reducing overhead costs. Salespeople can use order entry templates based on customer buying patterns or pricing matrixes to additionally speed up order entries. Once the sales order is completed automatic production work orders, and purchase orders in case of low inventory, are issued in order to avoid fulfillment delays. 

Sales Analysis & Utilization of Sales Opportunities
SunFish ERP allows detailed analysis of your sales including market segments, products, and tailored offers for individual or groups of customers allowing salespeople to generate buying patterns, make up-sell or complementary item suggestions or promote specific products or volumes for discounts.