SunFish Go - A smart solution to manage attandance payroll, claims and tax

Posted: November, 23 2017

Be more succesful with SunFish Go...More »

DataOn Wins Top IT & Telco 2017 Award for the 4th year in a row

Posted: October, 31 2017

As #1 HR Software in Indonesia, DataOn has been named as a winner in TOP Business Solution 2017 in TOP IT and TELCO Award 2017. ...More »

SunFish Accounting

Posted: May, 29 2017

A powerful accounting software to support your accounting needs . Give your finance team a rich accounting system in line with your business growth It is a cutting edge business management solution that maps and integrates your company's key business processes and data across its various functional units....More »

SunFish Analysis

Posted: April, 06 2017

SunFish is equipped with powerful business intelligence tools that empower companies to organize and process the data available in their systems to reveal useful information. A large number of reports, customizable dashboard trackers, alerts, reminders, KPIs, frequency and cumulative distribution, graphical analysis, and drillable data give companies a clear picture of its operational performance and insight into workforce trends....More »

DataOn Wins Top IT & Telco 2016 Award for the 3rd Year in a Row

Posted: December, 02 2016

DataOn is proud to announce that it has been named the winner of the Top IT & Telco 2016 Award in the category "Top Business Solution 2016". This is the third year in a row DataOn has received this award, which is the country's most prestigious award in the IT & Telecommunication industry....More »

SunFish Mobile App for the Professionals on the Go

Posted: November, 07 2016

Mobility has changed the way we work, live and play. And our smartphones and tablets are at the center of that mobility. We use our mobile devices for everything these days...More »

DataOn updates Back-ups and DR Policy

Posted: October, 02 2016

Like any SaaS provider or software vendor providing hosted solutions, DataOn does everything in its power to eliminate the possibility of unplanned system failures. In case such failure does happen, we follow detailed plans and procedures to make sure servers and customers are back online quickly....More »

Now, All DataOn Team has Joined in The New Office Space

Posted: April, 25 2016

After the corporate team arrived at the new office on early April 2016 now the development and technology team finally able to feel the new and fresh working atmosphere at Nissi Bintaro Campus. ...More »

DataOn is Officially Moved to The New Office Space

Posted: April, 11 2016

After more than a year waiting for the new playground starting today we are officially move into the new office in Bintaro. Looking at the new office space surely made us feels much younger and fresh, the concept that the management applied to relaxing the employees feeling during the worktime seems like visible already eventhough this is our first day here....More »

Unifying your HR and ERP

Posted: March, 05 2016

In the past months our blog was all about the development of our new office. I don’t know about you, but as the news roll in, seeing the construction progress and the interior design pictures and ideas explained, I am getting very excited to soon work in this new, cool and fun environment....More »